Brisbane Labour Day 2014: Sunday May 4

March Begins 10 am Sunday May 4th
Assemble 9.30am Cnr Wharf and Turbott Streets
March to  RNA Showgrounds 

Socialist Alliance 10th national conference: June 7-9th

June 2014, Sydney

Farooq Tariq, Awami Workers Party: 'Left unity a precious gain amid right-wing advances in Pakistan'

Farooq Tariq
Socialist Alliance/Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal -- One of the international guests at the 10th national conference of the Socialist Alliance, to be held in Sydney June 7-9, 2014, will be Farooq Tariq, general secretary of the Awami Workers Party (AWP) in Pakistan. Conference organiser and Green Left Weekly correspondent Peter Boyle interviewed Tariq on April 10. He will speak on "The struggle for democracy and justice in Pakistan" on June 7 at the Addison Road Community Centre, Marrickville, Sydney.
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Stop the War on Refugees Rally/March April12th

There's a refugee rally on Saturday 12 April--part of a national mobilisation. 
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See you all Sunday!


Defend Abortion Rights: April 11th

5.30pm Friday April 11th
8 Campbell St
Bowen Hills

Interview: Sue Bolton, Socialist Councillor for Moreland (Australia)

Sue Bolton is a longtime socialist activist and the Victorian convenor of Socialist Alliance. She was elected to the Moreland Council, which covers the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne, in 2012. She will be a featured speaker at the Fightback conference in Wellington, New Zealand, in May. She was interviewed for Fightback by Bronwen Beechey.
Fightback:There is a debate in the socialist movement about whether socialists should participate in “bourgeois” elections. Obviously you think they should, why do you think it’s a good idea?
SB: I think it is important for socialists to stand for election for several reasons: it gives you a forum for putting a socialist viewpoint on a wide range of issues, not just issues where there are campaigns. In Australia at the moment, campaigns tend to focus on moral issues such as human rights or environmental issues but there are few campaigns around economic issues. Elections give an opportunity to socialists to put an alternative to neoliberalism.
Elections are also a good discipline for socialists because you have to translate your general socialist slogans into concrete policies
It is a good way of building the party and also a socialist or socialist-leaning milieu or base in an area.

GLW Twilght River Cruise :5-8pm this Sunday

Not to be missed event THIS SUNDAY!  Come along and support Australia's NUMBER 1 alternative newspaper!