Introduction to Socialism : Class Guide

This is the Introduction to Socialism class guide used in North Queensland.

  • Social inequality and social classes
  • What is capitalism?
  • How the 1% rules
  • Who will make the revolution?
  • How we can change the world

Brisbane speak out against Israel's brutality in Palestine - July 11th

4:30 pm Friday July 11th King George Square , BrisbaneJoin us for a speak out against the ongoing assault on Palestine and the Palestinian people, including the killing of Palestinians (including 16-year-old Muhammad Abu Khdeir, murdered brutally by Israeli settlers), the bombing of Gaza, the mass arrests of over 600, and the raids, attacks, tear-gassing, invasions and closure that Palestinians are being subjected to.

Protest Abbott in Brisbane: July 12th

Protest Abbott in Brisbane

10.30 am Saturday July 12th
Royal International Convention Centre
 600 Gregory Tce
Bowen Hills

Brisbane July 6th Protest Against the Budget

July 6th: Bust the Budget

Bust the Budget Rally
11am Sunday July 6
Queens Gardens, Brisbane CBD
(cnr of George and Elizabeth Sts)
Chair: Robin Taubenfeld
· Opening and welcome by Sam Watson, Aboriginal Elder
· Peter Simpson, Queensland Branch Secretary, Electrical Trades Union
· Duncan Hart, National Union of Students
· Dr Brian Senewiratne, Consultant Physician and human rights advocate
· Melissa Lucaschenko, aboriginal writer and Walkley Awards winner
· Adrian Skerritt, The Cloudland Collective
Entertainment by Josh Donellan, spoken word poet and Jenny Pineapple, musician.
A march through the city is scheduled to commence at 12 noon

‘Recognition’ meaningless without sovereignty

Constitutional recognition must be accompanied by sovereignty, land rights and a treaty.
At its national conference over June 7-9, the Socialist Alliance adopted an amendment to its Charter of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rights, which stated that it does not support Constitutional recognition in the current form put forward by the government and the Reconciliation Australia initiative Recognise.
The policy now states that Constitutional recognition must be accompanied by sovereignty, land rights and a treaty.
Callum Clayton-Dixon, Anaywan Nation, wrote inBrisbane Blacks Monthly in 2012 that the proposed constitutional reform has “very little reference to what constitutional recognition will actually do for indigenous people”.
He asked whether reform would be a “step forward, or just another hollow formality?”
The Socialist Alliance policy says justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people must begin with a “frank and full acknowledgement of the fact that ‘White Australia has a Black history’,” and a determination to make amends wherever possible.

Bust the Budget Rally: Sunday July 6th, 11 am

Brisbane Budget Busters, it's time to get busy inviting all your friends to the Bust the Budget rally on Sunday 6 July. 

This is the day before the new Senate meets. We need a big turn-up on the day to demonstrate to the incoming Senators that we're not going to accept anything less than the trashing of Abbott and Hockey's cruel Budget. 

It's time to wipe the smile off Abbott & Co's smug faces. Whether your friends walk, drive, cycle, bus it, swim or hop, just get them there - Queens Park, NEXT SUNDAY at 11am!