SYRIZA & the fight against austerity in Europe + other Brisbane events

Socialist Alliance Brisbane is excited to announce our upcoming forum The Greek Elections, SYRIZA & The Fight Against Austerity in Europe with Dick Nichols, Green Left Weekly European correspondent, who covered the Greek elections and has followed the development of radical parties and social movements across Europe since the financial crash of 2008.

Other Upcoming Events
Tuesday 17th at 6pm, Activist Centre
Educational - Instruments for Doing Politics – Marta Harnecker

Saturday March 21st at 3pm, Club Greenslopes
Rise Up for Refugees Fundraiser

Tuesday March 24th at 12pm, Room 39A-201, General Purpose North. University of Queensland
Hope's Return: Crisis, Resistance and the Changing Political Landscape in Europe
Join the University of Queensland Resistance Club in a discussion about the changing political landscape in Europe with Green Left Weekly's European correspondent - Dick Nichols.

Wednesday March 25th at 2pm, Queens Park
Student Nation Day of Action to Demand a Better Future - Stop Student Fee Increases

Friday April 17th at 6:40pm
March your calendars for the annual Green Left Weekly River Cruise! Event page coming soon.
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The re-election of the LNP for a second term on Jan 31 (with or without Newman) would be devastating . A re-elected LNP would claim that it has a mandate to complete the sell off of public assets , commenced by the Bligh Labor Government and extended during the first 3 years of LNP.
Since its landslide electoral victory almost 3 years ago, the Newman LNP government has used its historically massive majority to push through a sheaf of legislation enshrining in law the privileges of its corporate backers. Deferring full scale privatisation for a possible second term , the Newman Government presided over an unprecedented reduction in the public sector, brought in planning laws to enable unbridled development for corporate profits,with little concern for environmental and social impacts, while at the same time restricting citizens right to appeal. It trampled on civil liberties and workers’ rights , legislating against the right to associate, under the guise of fighting organised crime. It brought in changes to electoral laws entrenching the 2 party system, while increasing the limit for non-disclosure of political donations to $12,800 further limiting accountability. It attacked the independence of the judiciary.