Obama, Venezuela is not a threat! campaign launch and other events

On 11 April 2002 a coup against Hugo Chavez , Venezuelan President was defeated by the mobilization of the urban poor and loyal soldiers who acted against the coup leaders. Just 2 years after the death of Hugo Chavez a further coup attempt has been thwarted. The Opposition have been unable to defeat the Bolivarian revolution in elections and have sought “regime change” through violence, hoarding of food and necessities, fomenting economic instability as well as mass media and social media campaigns of lies and disinformation. United States involvement in these activities has been exposed time and again.Obama has now promulgated an executive order labeling Venezuela a national security threat (to the US)

The only threat that Venezuela posed to the US is the threat of a good example!

An international solidarity campaign has been launched. With the phrase “Obama, Venezuela is not a threat!” the campaign aims to gather millions of signatures, both within Venezuela and worldwide, to pressure the U.S. president into repealing the executive order.

Brisbane activists in the Australia Venezuelan Solidarity Network will launch this campaign on the 13th anniversary of the defeat of the 2002 coup.

Saturday April 11 at 3:30pm
Brisbane Activist Centre, 74B Wickham St, Fortitude Valley

Other Upcoming Events

SYRIZA & the fight against austerity in Europe + other Brisbane events

Socialist Alliance Brisbane is excited to announce our upcoming forum The Greek Elections, SYRIZA & The Fight Against Austerity in Europe with Dick Nichols, Green Left Weekly European correspondent, who covered the Greek elections and has followed the development of radical parties and social movements across Europe since the financial crash of 2008.

Other Upcoming Events
Tuesday 17th at 6pm, Activist Centre
Educational - Instruments for Doing Politics – Marta Harnecker

Saturday March 21st at 3pm, Club Greenslopes
Rise Up for Refugees Fundraiser

Tuesday March 24th at 12pm, Room 39A-201, General Purpose North. University of Queensland
Hope's Return: Crisis, Resistance and the Changing Political Landscape in Europe
Join the University of Queensland Resistance Club in a discussion about the changing political landscape in Europe with Green Left Weekly's European correspondent - Dick Nichols.

Wednesday March 25th at 2pm, Queens Park
Student Nation Day of Action to Demand a Better Future - Stop Student Fee Increases

Friday April 17th at 6:40pm
March your calendars for the annual Green Left Weekly River Cruise! Event page coming soon.
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